In the movie, there is a rich south side Soc and a poor north side Greaser. He also seemed like he was a life of the party kind of guy in the book and in the movie, the outsiders book and movie comparison essay.

The Outsiders book by S. Another scene left out, is the scene when Cherry Valance and Ponyboy are standing in line for the concessions at the drive-in movie, and were talking. However, one of the biggest differences between the movie and the book is that the characters are not as well-developed in the movie.

The difference between the people was because you could see the difference on the street. Houston, we have a problem!

It just stood out more in the book because you could actually see who was telling it instead of writing in a text. In the book there is more action and description about everything, like in the rumble people are fighting like crazy, and in the book it would describe it like how hard the guy kicked Ponyboy in the head or if there was blood it would probably say a pool of blood washed beneath him or something like that. After the outsiders book and movie comparison essay wrote an essay, we created a first person narrative fiction based on serious global issue.


Outsiders Book and Movie Comparison Essay

So, Soda ended up naming it Mickey Mouse and would always rode the horse. The Outsiders is a book that was written by S.

Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally have a great relationship with each other and they are great friends. The Outsiders compare and contrast.

She even plays as the nurse in the movie. Like for example the way that when Ponyboy was making eggs and Two-Bit comes in a knocks the eggs out the outsiders book and movie comparison essay his hands and starts to wrestle with him or like when Darry gets upset with Ponyboy and pushes him while in the book he hits him.

However, in the movie he shows more affection to Ponyboy and expresses it better to him. Kento’s Blog Ever tried.

The Outsiders Book and Movie: Compare and Contrast | Teen Ink

These links will automatically appear in your email. Overall, the Outsider book was probably my favorite. The movie and novel also incorporated the rumble Like in an alley, you knew what kind of alley by what was in it.

The movie and the novel both had the complete Greaser gang There is a big difference between a movie and a book. While there, they play cards the outsiders book and movie comparison essay read Gone with the Wind. The similarities were an outstanding part of the movie.


What are the similarities between the movie and the book The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton?

Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Constrain to simple back and forward steps. Another thing about the book is it seemed like it esaay have happened to someone out in the world. In the movie, they cut him.

However, overall, the movie was good. I think after reading the book and watching the movie that the the outsiders book and movie comparison essay was by far the better of the two.

Send the link below via email or IM. I think that cigarette represents the coolness, toughness, and greasers, because greasers smoke all the time.

Hentons Outsiders Characters in the Outsiders book and movie were similar and different.