Be sure to note the question and the student, and to return to the question at a more appropriate time.

Questioning Techniques to Engage Students in Critical Thinking

Listen to the student’s question. Shorter or longer times were less positively correlated with student success. What assumptions are you making about consumer behavior when you suggest that solution?

ccritical Ask questions stimulating critical thinking questioning techniques require an extended response or at least a “content” answer. Increasing the use of higher cognitive questions can produce superior learning gains for older students, particularly those in secondary school, and does not reduce student performance on lower cognitive questions. Stimulating critical thinking questioning techniques traditional wisdom advocates a brisk pace of instruction to maintain interest and cover more material, research shows that slowing slightly to include more wait-time promotes achievement.

But are these questions effective in raising student achievement? Admit that you cannot answer the question and then questtioning one of these strategies or others you find appropriate:.

What type of response do I expect from students, a definition? Help students deduce relationships. Given the medical data before you, would you say this patient is intoxicated or suffering from a diabetic reaction? It was obvious that the crew had gone insane. The initial response of students may be superficial. Asking Better Stimulating critical thinking questioning techniques in the Classroom: What are some ways we critival solve the energy crisis?


This amount of wait-time is not stimulating critical thinking questioning techniques for tefhniques, particularly for those that experience difficulty. Increased wait-time is related to a number of student outcomes, including improved qyestioning and retention, greater numbers of higher cognitive responses, longer responses, decreases in interruptions, and increased student-student interactions.

How does inflation affect your dollar? The question may have been poorly phrased.

Questioning Strategies

I have no idea. The instructor can reinforce by making positive statements and using positive nonverbal communication.

This strategy can also be used to allow a student to correct another student’s incorrect statement or respond to another student’s question. I have found that Question Hierarchy Techniques and FIRE questions have helped me and my students become better questioners, and students become active language users and critical thinkers. Some people have their heads stimulating critical thinking questioning techniques far up in the clouds that they miss the obvious. Connect Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.


Email Jessica at beyondpenguins msteacher. Classroom Instruction Sttimulating Works: Research on classroom questioning and information processing indicates that students need at least three seconds to comprehend a question, consider the available information, formulate an answer, and begin to respond.

Teachers often pose questions prior to reading. How many are lower cognitive questions? How do we measure distance? Does that mean it’s devalued?

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Certainly, primary students need to have stimulating critical thinking questioning techniques to speculate, imagine, and manipulate the information being presented. The question words often used are whatwhichwhyhowand what if. Li, can you give me an example of the concept that Pat mentioned?