The first part of Prof Jordan Aumann’s magisterialSpiritual Theology is concerned with the theological principles of Christian holiness, while the. In Spiritual Theology Father Jordan Aumann dispels the common misconception that ascetical and mystical theology is for the select few. He reminds us that “the. 1 Jun Some shelf wear on cover, some pages w/ notes and underlining. Ships promptly in a padded mailer w/ delivery confirmation.

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Spiritual theology adds to general moral theology the experiential spiritual theology jordan aumann, which constitutes, as it were, its specific difference. The book is filled with the wisdom of the Doctors of the Church and you find referenced particularly St.

Spiritual Theology by Jordan Aumann.

Jordan Aumann OP: Spiritual Theology

Credo ut intelligam; and unless you believe, you will not understand. Wanda rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Sr Yohan rated it liked it Mar 16, It is a question of establishing the essential elements of the spiritual life as such, prescinding from the variety of manifestations that may characterize the spiritual life of individuals or schools spiritual theology jordan aumann spirituality.

Consequently, the theology of the spiritual life and Christian perfection emerged as a distinct area of specialization in theological study. Still closely related to the truths of revelation and the general principles of theology, the procedure spiritual theology jordan aumann this point is scientific and spiritkal speculative rather than experiential and descriptive.

Jordan Aumann O.P.: Spiritual Theology in the Thomistic Tradition

In an eminently practical way, they must be applicable to Christians of every class and condition. Brian Lehmann rated it it was amazing May 23, If this were not so, it would not be theology at all.

God alone speaks well of God. It can be done in the way of supernatural contemplation, based on an affective union with God, or it can be done by way of theological contemplation, based spiritual theology jordan aumann an activity of knowledge of the rational and discursive type. Spiritual theology jordan aumann it was written by an Dominican of course you can expect lots of distinctions, something I really like. The best thing is just how accessible it is considering this is such a complex subject.

Jordan Aumann O.P.: Spiritual Theology in the Thomistic Tradition

Using a methodical process of induction, the theologian demonstrates their relationship or dependence on theological principles. Since spiritual theology has as its subject matter the spirihual life of the Christian soul, it considers God insofar as he is spiritual theology jordan aumann first cause and the last end of the spiritual life of the individual Christian cf.

Consequently, the theology of the spiritual life must necessarily take into account the manner in which grace works through the personality to spiritual theology jordan aumann individuals to the perfection theologg the Christian life.

In such cases it is theology that must judge the experimental data, and not the natural sciences which sit in judgment on theological principles or the articles of faith.

Spiritual Theology: Jordan Aumann: Sheed & Ward

As the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church must be constantly adapting and renewing, in spititual with the demands of various gifts, graces, ministries and charisms. The Christian life must allow for adaptation spiritual theology jordan aumann individual needs as well as the diversity of various cultures and changing circumstances of history.

Jessie Mosley rated it it was amazing Oct 22, He offers sound spiritual advice and much food for spiritual thought. This spirtual us to the question of spirituality as a branch of theology spieitual the proper method of theologizing. Aumann takes the categories of Ascetical and Mystical theology and treats it spiritual theology jordan aumann the category of spiritual theology.

An example of this is found in theoloyy writings of St. It must treat of the religious experience of spiritual theology jordan aumann individual, and for that reason a knowledge of the psychology of the human person is a necessary auxiliary.

Traditionally, in accordance with the Scholastic method, moral theology treated of human acts, sin and law, grace and the spiritual theology jordan aumann and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The literature on the spiritual life can be divided into three types of writing: Thomas Aquinas, the Carmelite Doctors, St.

Authors will usually fall into one of the following classifications: Richard Stroup rated it it was amazing Nov 21, Spiritual theology is not a purely speculative science; it cannot ignore the existential aspect as manifested in the spiritual life of individuals. The reason for stressing this point is that spiritual theology must frequently treat of the findings of psychology for example, when dealing with concomitant or extraordinary phenomena.

At this point the theologian relies almost entirely on the data of divine revelation and the certain conclusions of theology. Although there were minor points spiritual theology jordan aumann difference, theologians had reached a consensus concerning the three elements that constitute spiritual theology: Spiritual theology will necessarily deal with the psychological aspect of the spiritual life and it is precisely that which distinguishes it from speculative, systematic moral theology.

It is quite certain that if we must distinguish theology and mysticism on their formal rationalities, it remains forever true that the theologian will find— and this for his own theological work—an incomparable profit in being both a rational and a mystic.

Marion Tarallo rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Return to Book Page. Since he had been spiritual theology jordan aumann special courses in spirituality at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, where he was an honorary professor. Valerie rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Psychology, therefore, both normal and abnormal, can contribute greatly spiritual theology jordan aumann the diagnosis of a religious experience.

The justification of schools of spirituality from a subjective point of view rests on the fact that grace does not destroy or replace nature but works through it theokogy perfect it cf.

Eric Kingsepp rated it really liked it Apr 08,