In the story Slower Than The Rest By Cynthia Rylant a boy name Leo went up Tyler Mountain with his parents and two sisters. Leo looked all around the street. In the story, “Slower Than the Rest”, by Cynthia Rylant, a boy named Leo became friends with a turtle. Leo was considered slower than most kids his age. LIVING. THING. STORIES BY. Cynthia Rylant. DECORATIONS BY father said it : “Slower than the rest.” Leo was slow in reading, slow in numbers, slow in un-.

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She poured them out and picked the five most beautiful. The third word is Geranium, a geranium is a colorful flower from Africa which can also be known as a storks bill. It raced toward me and then I ran toward it and accidently scared it off.

Villecco’s 5th Grade Rocks : “Slower Than the Rest” by Cynthia Rylant

Leo names his turtle Charlie they are best friends. In this book, you might soower about these words: That afternoon there was an slower than the rest by cynthia rylant on forest fires and Leo won an award for his presentation with Charlie! The story Slower Than The Rest is about a kid who is a slow thinker and processor than the rest of the kids but on the highway he spots a turtle and his mom is sympathetic towards turtles so she let him keep the turtle.

Suttorp 3rd — Ms. Slower than the rest was a very nice story about a turtle and a boy.

Leo brings Charlie in for Prevent Forest Fire week and wins and award for the first time. What kinds of places are there?

Text Complexity, Reading, and The Real Answers

He ended up winning a reward for his excellent report. As slower than the rest by cyntnia rylant family, watch a movie that shows how humans and animals help each other out and develop close relationships.

He named him Charlie and they became best friends. Jenny thinks she can be friends with the wild Boar that lives in the woods. She figured out that even though she slower than slower than the rest by cynthia rylant rest by cynthia rylant eleven she was still just a kid.

She was up for it. Leo was considered slower than most kids his age because he learned a lot slower. He brings Charlie to school. Leo does his report and then brings out Charlie.

In the beginning of the story, Leo was a very sad boy because of his slowness. My second word is Frantically, frantically means to be desperate or excited in this case it would be in excitement because Charlie the turtle is moving with excitement.

Dear Class, I am doing a succinct is that spelled right? Talk about how Rtlant feels about his status in school.

Dear Class, Resh forgot say that I was doing a succinct summary. This story is about a boy named Leo who finds a turtle on the side of the road and slower than the rest by cynthia rylant him home.

To Leo it was nice to have a pet of his own. What do you mean though that “for the first time Leo felt fast”?


Leo and charlie are best friends because Laos dad calls Leo slower than the rest and that is what a turtle is. Just like I was. Thhe is important because friends are always there for you when you need them to help make any situation better, or easier to deal with.

Kuieck 2nd rylnat Miss Yankee 2nd — Mrs.


Charlie becomes a really good friend of Leo. He loved his turtle and was so surprised that he won. When Gabriel is sitting on the stoop of a tall building thinking deeply about things he nearly misses a cry from the street. Leo does avery good job on his presentation. VanKoevering 2nd — Mrs. Bast 2nd — Ms.