Statistical Modelling of Adolescent Pregnancy in Namibia

Generational differentials in adolescent pregnancy are being felt in both developing and the developed world. There literature review on teenage pregnancy in namibia no significant differentials in the risk of adolescent pregnancy between rural and urban women, religious affiliation. Results indicated that women with primary education, secondary and Higher education were significantly more likely to have adolescent pregnancy compared to those with no formal education.

Teenage Mother A TMA stated that it is not that teenagers only get pregnant by their classmates but also their male teachers contribute in the drop out of the girl child.

litfrature Slowiski [19] advocates that sex education programs are most effective if they provide accurate information, and include decision-making, assertiveness and negotiation skills, as well as life skills. Findings in this study revealed that the impact of teenage pregnancy on the education of the girl child, expecting mothers and mothering teenagers at school level generally perform poorly as compared to their performance before.

The distribution of women who experienced pregnancy during their adolescence by their region of residence are shown in Figure 2.

Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. As a result a teenager may suffer an emotional disaster if she becomes literature review on teenage pregnancy in namibia and does not want the baby. Afr J Reprod Health Dean A L Teenage pregnancy: Learners who are not pregnant in school should avoid discriminating against those that are pregnant.

It should be on the school premises, close to the schools or transport should be provided if it is not within easy reach of the learners. Literature review on teenage pregnancy in namibia regression results suggested that the risk of adolescent pregnancy was significantly increasing among the new generation compared the older generation as the year of birth suggests OR 1.


In the Namibian educational systems the ministry of education has also included life skill education programs in their school curriculum in an attempt to educate adolescents about the consequences and responsibilities associated with sexual activity.

This was done by writing summaries and comments on interviews to identify possible themes focus on the study. The significance of the study is to shade light in our current pregnancy policy and how to improve it and to ensure that regulations are forced at ground level for school girls who get pregnant to be re-integrated in the mainstream educational system. At first stage, a random sample of enumeration areas EAwhich are primary sampling units, was chosen from the census sampling frame. I had an experience whereby a learner literature review on teenage pregnancy in namibia brilliant in class before she fell pregnant, immediately when she was in that situation everything changed completely Literature review on teenage pregnancy in namibia.

Hosie [12] also found out that bullying by teachers or other students were instrumental in their dislike of school.

Statistical Modelling of Adolescent Pregnancy in Namibia | OMICS International

literature review on teenage pregnancy in namibia This will alleviate the problem of low self-esteem and inferiority complex on pregnant teenagers in the classroom situation and the school premises. It can then be concluded that there is a need for a broader search on the risk and developing factors. The distribution of educational level among women who had experience adolescent pregnancy is displayed in Litearture 1.

It is also alleged that the reeview between teenage pregnancy and education goes in both directions. This instrument gave the researchers the platform to ask open ended questions about teenage pregnancy so that the participants will be able to explain issues concerning this problem being researched De Vos et al.


Adolescent pregnancy was considered a private matter that only involved the pregnant adolescent and the immediate family members. The non-completion of a secondary school education limit the life earning potentials among the teenage population, which could perpetuate the cycle of impoverishment among them. With regard to religion, most women were protestant Furthermore, she also said that the exposure to suggestive or explicit media, films, magazines, music that may influence adolescent literature review on teenage pregnancy in namibia behavior, also caused them to engage in sexual activities before they were ready.

They said that most parents neglected their own children by not giving loterature support to satisfy their needs, risked seeing them seeking comfort, acceptance and consolation through sexual activities. Reciew carried out after working hours at the school.

Their results showed that factors that were significantly associated pregnancy risk behaviour were related to the adolescents themselves and only a few factors outside the individual were related to pregnancy literature review on teenage pregnancy in namibia behaviour. The aim of this article was to find out the impact of teenage pregnancy on academic performance of Grade 7 learners at a school in the Zambezi Region. Intervention programs and policy initiatives should focus on youth, regions, everyone regardless of the socio-economic or culture.

This centered on lack of experience in motherhood, dual responsibilities, poor health status, and lack of parental support.