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Check back next week to read about the next Game of the Year! Month No top submitters this month. K' Me Vs Scorpion. Not only do you need to be a talented sprite artist and sound designer but you also must have the programming knowledge necessary to code for an aging game engine.

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The Queen of Fighters 3. If you understand what the virus is when you get the warning, then go with it. Also understand I will not include the links, as I am not here to promote, gmaes this is more just for reference for you if you happen to be into MUGEN.

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This is a Mortal Kombat game with fatalities and other finishers. Zero Me Vs Magma Dragoon. The size of the file is about 1. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. These have awesome art and are quite playable.

Sonic Me Vs Silver. What was your first experience like when encountering Fighting Games competitivly?

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The only thing you do have to watch out is that sometimes your anti-virus will give off a "false-negative". Gamfs lets you play as him. Open the game by clicking on the.

Around five years ago I found an awesome site of finished mugen titles any good site is hard to find They had a really awesome Justice League game, an Avengers Vs. Bubblun Me Vs Carol. But I love Zillon.

Although these characters are playable in other M. Mguen you have a really chill teacher that lets you bring out a laptop and play games in class then: There's characters to choose from. No dupes with a few exceptions, mostly similar stances. Amaterachu1 41 Posted September SNK 54 characters to choose from 18 characters from each franchise and an awesome selection of familiar faces. It should be version 2. Your best bet would be to either find a pack online or take it upon yourself to find characters and stages and add gamed to a screen pack.

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Leonardo Me Vs Raphael. Now, there's only about 14 characters to choose from, but I mention this as this is a really awesome fan style fighter, and animation is super smooth. But I love this also because of the selection screen.

Stay on target WarioWare D.

Magneto's fight stance is the same as Superman's stance, etc. But honestly it's because I'm supposed to be testing something. Mortal Kombat Project Game. However, getting your hands on such a deliriously dumb tool for creative expression is worth teaching yourself that technical wizardry. King Of Fighters PC.

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