Initials, d, t, n, l. My 6 years old daughter and I started learning Chinese together two months ago using Kids Chinese Podcast lessons. Thanks for providing this podcast. Now we take lessons from her and you! As a result, I feel as chknese I had hit a wall in my path of knowledge.

English-Chinese homework

Tamara Crabb on Lesson 8: I like that you focus on pinyin, character order,provide audio. For may years I have been trying to master mandrin, even buying books and tapes on Mandrin. Although I have been learning Chinese for the past 3 years, I failed to master the correct Chinese pronunciations. Mashiar Rahman on Lesson Wikipedia – Learn Chinese. I will definitely be recommending the site to people I know who are interested in learning or improving their Chinese.

You how to say do your homework in chinese a talent for teaching. I have been trying to learn for a year and fumbling around with the tenses in Chinese and not being able to find an easily understood for me anyway explanation of these tenses. I am just searching about chinese language on line and found your website. I have made up my mind to set up a good role model for my daughter by learning Chinese myself, and helping my daughter learn Chinese as well.


Self Introduction Lesson 2: You are very nice and clear but Amy, your daughter I guess, is really lovely. I have tried other Chinese Pod casts but I find yours to be the best as it starts with chihese very basic and is systematic and I find it most beneficial.

Do You Know How to Say Do your homework in Chinese Simplified?

I just read this and in two minutes got what I”ve been trying to find for a year! The audio pronunciation is superb.

I have done my homework. Though I an adult the method of teaching a child is very helpful in my memory listing words.

How to Say Do your homework in Chinese Simplified

Even though I’m enrolled in the University, I am very happy that I am able to practice and learn Chinese on my spare time! I truly believe raising my daughter bilingually is the best gift ever I can give her. I was amazed by my daughter’s pronunciation; my Chinese colleague said that my daughter was speaking just like a native speaker.


As I could tell I was listening to the voice of adult, it made it so much easier to copy. Fun and easy to learn!!!

Chinese Lesson Doing Homework

Member Login Remember me Forgot password? To learn a new language, like Chinese, first we need to imitate how a native Chinese speaker speaks. A student can only be as good as the teacher.

I feel privileged to learn such an ancient language. Having a Class II. Your lessons make it hommework for me to talk with my godchildren that are taking Chinese at school.

Family Introduction Lesson 3: I found that Aihua’s English is so easy to understand besides she speaks Mandarin Chinese so perfectly.