How to apply online for MBBS in Turkey from Pakistan


Turkey is popular for its beautiful historical places as well as its highly advanced mode of education. The applicants from the dominion of Pakistan can apply to any Medical Turkish university in their desired course. But at first, applicants should know their visa type if, either they are applying for a tourist or student visa. The most important thing that must be mentioned is the purpose of the applicant’s visit. 

online for MBBS in Turkey

Turkey is an Islamic country and it has good friendly relationships with Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistani students can avail of different scholarships in various degree programs. Different medical programs from bachelor to Ph.D. level are offered by Turkish medical universities. Universities of Turkey are highly ranked in the world. Out of the top ten universities in the world, there are three Turkish universities, and seven universities in the top hundred universities in the world. Mostly Turkish universities are independent and they assemble their own academic calendar but funding and policies are made by The Council of Higher Education. The academic year often starts in September and lasts in June. 

However, the registration process for admission in MBBS starts from January or from June to different universities. For registration or enrollment purposes student must sign up on the desired university website.

Admission Requirements

For MBBS or Master of Medicine study in Turkey applicants have to submit the following documents to Turkish medical universities:

  • First of all, students or applicants must submit an online international student application form
  • Applicants must sign up at the medical university website
  • The applicant must submit her/his High School Diploma in Turkish or English translation
  • Applicant’s official translation in Turkish or English translation
  • If applicants have passed the English Language Proficiency Score, they should submit it. Applicants must apply in the medical universities which require minimal English or Turkish language certificates. Those students who do not meet the requirements should attend the university’s proficiency test after arrival. If the applicants fail in this test, then they will have to attend one year’s language or English preparatory classes in the university.
  • The student must provide original and valid international University Entry Exam Result. Applicants can even attend the University’s own entry exam which university provides for international students if the students or applicants do not have enough good exam results.
  • Applicants must provide a valid passport with a maximum validity of more than six months.
  • Applicants must have passport size photographs which must meet the university’s requirements.
  • National identity card
  • Visa fee receipt
  • Acceptance letter from the university
  • Financial guarantee letter from the bank
  • Student’s resume or CV
  • Students national identity card
  • Home address and family information
  • Student’s E-mail ID and Guardian or Emergency contact details


Applicants should log on to the, for applying the student visa. For this purpose, they should give or provide the required information. This required information is provided after the applicant’s application is accepted. Applicant should pay the visa fee online after that download their e-visa. But the most important thing that should be kept in mind is that this e-visa is only valid for the purpose of travel and tourism or business. Students cannot use it as a study visa. Because work visa and study visa require regular visas which is provided by the Embassies and Consulates.

How do I get Visa to Study in Turkey?

Students must obtain a student visa before they take off from their home country. It is a necessary requirement for registration as a student at a Turkish university. Those students who travel towards Turkey without a student visa will not be allowed to get registered at the university as a student. They do not even receive a residency permit once they arrive in Turkey. Students can get their student visas from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate from their home or residence country of nationality. Students cannot get student visas once they are in Turkey.

Students must provide following documents for applying for student visa at the Turkish Embassy or Consulate:

  • A copy of the letter of acceptance from a Turkish medical university
  • A completed visa application form
  • Student’s educational or academic degrees, previously passed
  • Student’s language course if required by the university
  • Admission fee for the language course

After applying or submitting your visa application it usually takes about eight weeks or two months until you get your visa. This student visa will be stamped in your passport. This student visa is valid until you are enrolled at the university or the entire your program or course duration.

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