Gun sound pack

I also am a big fan of your youtube videos. Check it out once i put these sounds so good use! You need to make a new E-mail Make an test one and then try again.

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FinalCutKing – Gun Sound FX Pack

This is an amazing help! The link in the email does not work.

You are so talented. How can I download the SFX? You really are doing great.

Gun Sound FX Pack

These sound effects are stolen from a video game. I had this problem too before!

Because you seem to always know what filmmakers need and then you do the most incredible job presenting it. There is no email or download button. Thanks FinalCutKing for these amazing sound effects and organization on thewebsite!!!

You are the best because you help your industry grow! I am going to post this message several times so you see it.

The best free sound effects… ever. This Is an amazing websight. Posted by finalcutking in Action Sounds comments. Oh I can now, I guess you have to leave a comment… Thanks a lot for this amazing website. King — you give so much away unlike most people who hoard for themselves. Did someone physically get each of these firearms and shoot them? So great to see you blessing other people. Gun Pack 2 3. Gun Pack 2 Posted by finalcutking in Action Sounds comments.

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Thank you so much, this is going to help everyones action films so much!! Not many great minds out there like you.

I have never seen a group of filmmakers work to hard to help others. You are one of the best film makers on YouTube without a doubt, and even better for willing to help a growing community.

This pack includes gun sounds that are excellent quality. Espero con ansias el mensaje con los respectivos links. I also am a big fan of your youtube videos. No one has made a site as clean and filled with quality content for sound sund this one. Me entusiasma ver lo Concreto y Profesional del sitioWeb. How were the sounds acquired?

Gun Pack 2 | Free Sound Effects

It says the file no longer exists! You will be the next Steven Spielberg! Also, are these royalty free? You the man, Thanks again.

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