Evidence in software architecture, a systematic literature review

Researchers have been publishing architevture studies i. One reviewer was responsible for automatic search. Empirical research in requirements engineering: Research Questions The research questions of our study are: Two reviewers wrote the final review report Phase 3.

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Software architecture SA plays pivotal role in development and maintenance of large software systems. As such insight is important for researchers and engineers, we performed a systematic literature review covering 20 leading software engineering venues and journals in the field, resulting un studies used for data collection.

Despite evidenfe vast body of work, no systematic study has been performed on the claims associated with architecture-based self-adaptation and the evidence that exists for these claims. Overview Research Method Data. Overview Engineering the upcoming generation of software systems and guaranteeing the required qualities is complex due to the inherent uncertainties at design systematjc, such as new user needs and changing availability of resources.

Validating a model-driven software architecture evaluation and improvement method: The scope of the evidence in software architecture a systematic literature review was based on evidence in software architecture a systematic literature review identification of the main workshops, conferences, and journals in the field.


See our FAQ sofwtare additional information. Artifacts of software reference architectures: Architectural decisions impact all subsequent phases in software development life cycle. What are the claims made for self-adaptation and what are the tradeoffs implied by self-adaptation? Finally, the data derived from the the primary studies was collacted and summarized to answer the research questions.

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Studies were automatically selected based on the search criteria defined in Phase 1. Experiment Aspect-oriented programming Aggregate data.

A zip file containing all documents can also be downloaded here. The research questions express the research topics of interest in this literature review. Software architecture Systematic review Software development process Software engineering. The report was cross checked by the a third researcher.

Showing of liferature extracted citations. Structure of large software systems has been in discussion since early 70s but software architecture started emerging as separate discipline since mids.

During study planning Phase 1the review protocol is defined, which includes the definition ssoftware research questions, the search strategy and scope, the data items that had to be collected, the approach for data analysis and presentation of the results.


Evidence in software architecture a systematic literature review general goal of our study is: Service-oriented architecture Software system Model-driven architecture Functional requirement. Subsequently, the reviewers conducted the review Phase 2. Conflicts were resolved and if no consensus could be reached, the third reviewer was involved to come to a decision.

Claims and Evidence for Architecture-Based Self-Adaptation: A Systematic Literature Review

Architecture-based self-adaptation is a promising approach to tackle these challenges. Next, data items were identified and for each item a set of options were defined. How much evidence is available for the claims and what are the types of evidence?