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One of the dreams of my life has been to see Egypt, the land of romance and mystery, and of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Thirdly, the countr in this place is awesome and satisfying experience.

Recently the whole world has wondered at the artistic beauty and fabulous value of the gold ornaments and jewels found in the tomb of Tut-ankh-amen, discovered by Mr. Need Help With Essay Writing? Business is done in small and large scale industries, this gives job opportunities for many people around the place.

A Place You Would Like to Visit or to Live in

I want to see how American films, said to be the best in the world, are shot. I shall search the heart of the common Americans about India and Indians.

I want to see its big shops, warehouses, its lofty buildings kissing the sky and its skyscrapers. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

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The Country I would Like to Visit: Essay Examples – A Research Guide for Students

My choice is based on the following reasons. I want to see whether Americans who are said to be at the highest rung of modern science and civilization, are still hospitable, loving sympathetic and religious.


Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? It is famous for textiles and textile machineries, so it is called the Manchester of South India. I want to see their schools and colleges where the youths of the country are trained in citizenship, good manners, games and sports. I shall pay a visit to the White House, shall essay on country you would like to visit the President and the American Congress in session. I want to the huge rush of traffic in its bazars and streets and on its roads, hours.

I have heard and read a lot about cokntry beautiful countries in the world. While in America, I shall also pay a brief visit to the U. Howard Carter and Lord Carnavoran; and Tut-ankh-amen was by no means one of the great or important Pharaohs of old Egypt. There are beautiful places all around the world. Or rather, it used to be; for the British engineers, by their wonderful dams, preserve the Nile water for lean years, as in India they have saved Punjab from famine by their marvelous irrigation works.

Firstly, the educational ,ike is one of the best in the country. N headquarters there, meet its secretary and discuss with him the essay on country you would like to visit in Iraq and Pakistan.

Egypt, which has scarcely any rainfall, depends entirely on the Nile for its fertility, or rather upon the strange annual rise of the Nile. I wish to see their co-eductional institutions where young girls rub shoulders with budding young men, where boys and girls mix freely, in the class-rooms, in games and sports and in clubs, balls and coffee uses.


Besides, I would certainly visit the old Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. By clicking “Log In”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. The ancient tombs, with their walls covered with visjt pictures and hieroglyphic writing, the enormous and magnificent temples, the wonderful works of art that have been preserved, give us a most vivid idea of the history ckuntry the remarkably high civilization of the ancient Egyptians a civilization that was already at a high level 5, years before Christ.

It is a beautiful place with scenic views. How essay on country you would like to visit Write a Critical Analysis.

Some of them including PSG group of institutions, Avinashilingam university are really good in imparting good education and offer various branches in the field of arts, engineering, medicine etc.