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Dolby Virtual Speaker Benefits. Because Dolby Virtual Speaker re-creates all of the acoustic characteristics of multiple speakers in a real environment, there's no sensory overload. However, if you are enjoying movies on the PC, or plan to give it a try, DVS technology is available for PowerDVD , and will allow you to start enjoying a more rich an vivid surround sound audio environment.

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It is by comparing and analyzing these two composites direct and indirect arriving at each ear - also referred to xolby sonic signatures - that the brain is able to determine where the sound originates. Get Support Log virtuap to the Dolby Customer portal for help with your customer or partner account. Instead, you're wrapped in surround sound, so dobly can relax and enjoy your music, movies, and TV programs hours longer and in complete comfort.

You can easily adjust the surround sound settings to experience different environments and select the one best for you. To find the answer, have a look at some of the advantages listed below:. With Dolby's new Virtual Speaker technology DVSyou can now enjoy movie action all around you, just like in the movie theater, but without all the expense and complexity.

Detailed Index of speaker guides is available here.

One major benefit of Dolby Headphone technology is that of improving the listening comfort by reducing what is referred to as ' listener fatigue. Worth taking note here that independent of the digital signal processing DSP algorithm used to generate a virtual surround soundstage, these single speaker systems consist in reality of a speaker bar - hence dolbu name sound bar or surround bar - with multiple mini-speakers mounted onto the speaker unit.

Precise surround sound effects: In other words, the left ear must hear only the Left speaker, and the right ear must hear only the Right speaker.

It uses advanced algorithms and room-modeling capabilities to duplicate complex sonic signatures—including reflections—that naturally occur in a 5. Because Dolby Virtual Speaker re-creates all of the acoustic characteristics of multiple speakers in a real environment, there's no sensory overload.

Dolby Virtual Speaker / Dolby Headphone with Dolby Pro Logic IIx Decoder

Write a comment Cancel reply Your comment will be moderated before it will be published on the website. Support for the new codec soon came in the form of a new loudspeaker system specially developed for flat screen TVs — the soundbar. Delay Setting in Surround Sound. Dolby Voice software platform. By creating a virtualized surround soundstage from stereo speakers, Dolby Virtual Speaker can produce an immersive aural environment with movies and television without a surround setup.

However, in most cases our living rooms are too small to support this many speakers. Polk Audio SurroundBar IHT Virtual Surround speaker bar Solution A compact yet powerful speaker bar seaker using Polk's proprietary SDA Stereo Dimensional Array technology to simulate the immersive soundfield without surrounding yourself with speakers; the included wireless subwoofer helps deliver good bass response that makes sound feel richer.

The wide mode also simulates a surround system, however with a wide eolby. This mode is especially useful when the two stereo speakers are positioned closely together.

NJU | NJUV | Dolby Virtual Speaker / Dolby Headphone with Dolby Pro Logic IIx Decoder

Dolby Virtual Speaker allows you to enjoy realistic 5. The skillful processing and separation of signals makes it possible to create a virtual surround environment. Discover what surround sound is and how you can get it in your home, on the go, or at the movies. SHARE facebook twitter linkedin. A possible inexpensive wireless subwoofer option is the Polk Audio PSWi wireless subwoofer shown here.

A minimum of two such speaker channels are necessary; in fact, to be more precise, both Dolby Virtual Speaker technology and Polk's firtual dimensional array technology are 5.

Instead, the Wide mode creates a more spacious front image than that defined by physical position of the two speakers used in the playback setup. This renders the listening area somewhat restricted, and therefore, this virtual surround sound technology is most appropriate for such activities as using a PC or casual TV viewing - where a full surround system might be unsuitable or impractical.

If you don't have PowerDVD, why not try out the trial version today. Dolby Virtual Speaker delivers a 5. Dolby Virtual Speaker allows these single speaker systems to create surprisingly immersive sound experience thanks to the science of psychoacoustics.

Dolby Voice service providers. It happens too quickly for us to be aware of the process, but our brains quickly calculate this information and determine from where the spexker originates based on it.

The latter partly explains why Dolby Virtual Speaker technology works best with the typical small home entertainment room.

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