Master data information is vital to the operation of the business. So this work is focusing on making the process error-free and as automatic as possible.

Process Steps in Template The process steps in the template data migration case study ppt You can change your cookie settings as described here at data migration case study ppt time, but parts of our site may not function correctly without them. Moreover, there is an auto check that will make sure all the mandatory fields have been entered by the user; otherwise, the system will throw an error.

Introduction Oil and Gas Sector Overview The oil and gas sector is one of the core industries worldwide and has very significant forward linkages with the entire global economy. The load files can be viewed on Excel or can be directly exported in a text file format suitable for importing and can directly load into the system. The implementation can be enhanced by the use of a back-end database. We use technologies such as cookies to understand how you use our site and to provide a better user experience.

Reduction Cost and Time: The need of the right data at the right place at the right time is imperative for any business deal to be successful. It is a one-time process and once the DM process is completed for data migration case study ppt particular acquisition, it stops.

Ppf approach requires major effort, but in the long run, has proven to be the best. So in this step, the user needs to identify all the data sources that need to enter into the target system.


So, along with the need to migrate data from many data migration case study ppt to one system, data transformation is also the biggest task at the time of acquisitions or mergers. By continuing to use our site, you agree that we can save cookies on your device, unless you have disabled cookies. This product is targeted to reduce the overall human effort and time consumed in loading the master data of the acquired company to the systems.

Using macro-enabled extract files, with just data migration case study ppt single click, the system will generate the load file in text format. Loading of data in the SAP system: Thus, master data is that persistent, nontransactional data that defines a business entity, for which there is an agreed- upon view across the organization.

As data migration case study ppt people are comfortable with using Access along with Excel, we recommend the same. Derived and Default Fields: Huge size of Excel file: The Microsoft Excel- based tool pptt in reducing time of loading data by splitting it in two parts, the main data and the derived data, in which the field value gets derived automatically using main data, with the help of business translational logic.

The Acquisition Migration Data Template helps in addressing these challenges by creating and enabling processes for aggregating, extracting, and loading data with no error and a significant reduction in time. DM does not mean just copying the data data movementbut actually is the process that also includes the validation and cleansing of data to ensure that data migration case study ppt sthdy being migrated is correct and in format for use by application.


Also, more than a third of companies did not expect to complete integration for more than two years, or could not say when they would complete such integration. Formulas, formatting, and macros make the template heavy and after a threshold, it becomes unsuitable.

Also, to avoid any confusion and chance for error, fields not required for particular records data migration case study ppt the basis of some selection made by the user will automatically be grayed out by the system.

According to a report, banking, diversified financials, and oil and gas operations are the vertical sectors predicted to drive most spend on a global basis. The tool mentioned in this paper is very effective, as it not only takes care of data loading in less time but it also gives error-free quality data for loading purposes. The four main strategic objectives on which this template is designed data migration case study ppt discussed below:.

Generation of extract files: Smooth Transition of Data: Synchronize the two sets of data: In this step, the user will manually enter all the field values in data migration case study ppt template.