In dairy products both E. There is no wellorganized mentoring and monitoring system in the sector, which is one of the setbacks for the dairy development in the country.

Standard procedures were followed to culture, colony identification and so on. Ethiopia Livestock Development Strategy. Herd growth may not be the target for most smallholder farmers as keeping more animals may not be practical and economically viable.

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Proportion of calf mortality based on age group. Whereas, Debrebirhan city is located at the North Eastern direction at a distance of km away from the capital city Addis Ababa. Secondary biochemical tests were done for biochemical characterization.

This may be associated with capacity and management skill of farmers. Association of different factors analyzed using chisquare and p-value; the factor considered to be significant when pvalue is less than 0. It is important to determine the major factors associated with low fertility, herd growth and productivity.

Level of milk production were dependent on type and dairy farm business plan in ethiopia of feed, when there was erhiopia feed in sufficient amount, milk production increases accordingly.

The necessity to extend the cropping areas to support the increasing population in the highlands, the carrying capacity of the land is stretched beyond its limits, which resulted in law production performance of the livestock.

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Bacillus cereus produces two different forms of food poisoning; the diarrheal syndrome caused by heat stable enterotoxin and emetic syndrome involving a very heat stable enterotoxin [ 32 ]. Arsi zebu had a mean calving interval of It is higher under uncontrolled natural breeding and low where hand-mating dairy farm business plan in ethiopia artificial insemination is used. February 26, Citation: Catalase negative and those grown on MacConkey agar were categorized as Enterococcus species; whereas catalase negative and olan to grow on MacConkey agar was categorized as Streptococcus species.


Awareness of animal owner and stakeholder should be raised in bysiness to increase their management ability.

The wide variation between farms indicates that the potential to improve yield by adjusting management in terms of feeding and health exists. However, the link between management and production was not well understood by farmers rather they focus mainly on genetic potential. However, season of calving, nutrition, genetic type, age of cow; other factors like sex of calf, health status of cow contribute on calving interval [ 25 ].

There was irregularity in type of construction. House constructions in the study area were similar to other part of the country. Only small dairy farm business plan in ethiopia with cross breed Holstein Friesian cattle provide grass mixed with concentrate than local breed because of their better milk yield.

Smallholder Dairy Farm Management in Ethiopia: Dairy Marketing in Ethiopia. In this farming system all the feed requirement is derived from native pasture and a balance comes from crop residues and stub grazing. Feeding system in the study area includes indoor, outdoor and both in a proportion of Most of the intensive dairy farms are concentrated in and around Addis Ababa and are basically based on exotic pure bred stock.


Use of natural service varies in these two sites, where at Hawassa This plot exists only in a ethuopia dairy farmers. Farming methods in Ethiopia have remained unchanged for centuries, cultivation is carried out using oxen drown traditional ploughs in the highland this demand high dependency on animal power as an input function.

Smallholder Dairy Farm Management in Ethiopia: Status in Hawassa and Debrebrihan Cities

Cows had three to four calves before leaving the herd at years of age, the average caw lactation yield is litres for days of which litres sairy offtake for human use while litres is suckled by the calf. Reports by other scholars have shown that Arsi zebu has mean range of However, because of the rainfall pattern and related reasons shortage of feed availability dairy farm business plan in ethiopia production is low and highly seasonally far.

Lyimo Are the milk collection and processing units owned by the Government or private entrepreneurs?