‘Chaupai Sahib Hindi’ app let you read and listen to paath on your mobile. You can read ‘Chaupai Sahib in Hindi’ or ‘in Punjabi’. Also, you can read meaning of. Explore, Learn, Relish Chaupai Sahib with audio at 31 Oct Chaupai sahib or Benti Chaupai is a prayer or Bani composed by tenth Sikh Guru , Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahi Ji. This bani is present in.

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Jab udkarakh karaa kartaaraa. He alone is My Guru. Simrat shaastr badh sabh bohu bhedh kahai ham eik na janyo. He, however, lives Detached from all.

August 27, at 7: Extend Your support to me wherever I be, and save me from the evil doers [evil thoughts and sins]. This Bani gives one the feeling of reliability and dependability on the Lord.

May 6, at 1: Chaupai sahib paath in bani is recited every morning by devoted Sikhs. It also forms part of the evening prayer called the Rehras Sahibwhich Sikhs recite every evening.

You are Lord of fourteen worlds. Protect me with Your Own Hands.

The persons, who fall on Your Feet, You remove all their afflictions and maladies. Thankyou So much its really helpfull for those who cannot paaath punjabi.

The limits of Your creation cannot be known, nor how paat the beginning You created the Universes. The dumb, who will listen to it, will be blessed with the tongue to speak; the fool, who will listen to it attentively, will get wisdom; That person will be absolved ih suffering, pain or fear, who will even once recite this Chaupai-prayer. November 6, at Thank you so much for sharing this apt translation. All their Sins are removed.

Give me your personal protection. Retrieved chaupai sahib paath in ” http: Ridh sidh ghar mo sabh hoee. He understands what pains each of the hearts of chaupa creatures and their innermost workings. October 26, at 9: December 19, at chaupai sahib paath in September 25, at 1: He has blessed His devotees with all merits and happiness and destroys enemies [inner dis-hormony] instantaneously.

Chaupai sahib: Translation and Transliteration

Waheguru ji ka pwath. Paatshaahee dasvee kabiyobaach bentee. Liberate all my servants and followers [way of thinking], pick each and every one and destroy them, who are obstacles in my well being. All this I write, with your blessings, is chaupai sahib paath in what I know but what you have shown me.

‚ÄéChaupai Sahib Paath with Audio on the App Store

Granth karaa puran subh raataa. He is the Primal Power, Blemishless, Beginningless and does not take birth. Destroys enemies at once. October 22, at 6: Each ones pain he recognises. January 5, at When Mahakal became kind, He immediately caused me to complete this book; He will obtain the fruit desired by the mind who will read or listen to this book and no suffering will occur to him.

Man baa n chhat phal paavai soee. Samanjyot Chaupai sahib paath in Jn says: Kabiyo Chaupai sahib paath in ‘Benti Chaupai’ is normally referred to as Chaupai in short. Kahoo n phool raajaa havai baitaa.

Taa kau kar paahan anumaanat.