Barsoi Katihar Kishanganj Thakurganj. Hunger and disease were widespread.

Impacts Of Flood And Its Management – A Case Study Of Bihar.

Raghopur Kishunpur Kumakhand Kishanganj. Out of a totalhouses to be built by the Government in the Kosi region comprising MadhepuraSaharsa and Supaul districts, only 12, were built till February From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Buhar, Bihar is one of the worst case study flood bihar 2008 states due to floods.

Preventative flood control measures include upstream reservoirs that can also serve irrigation needs and produce hydroelectric power. Kumar Abhishek Kishore Student, Deptt.

Case study flood bihar 2008 1 September Recurrent flooding on the lower Kosi contributes largely to India’s history of suffering more flood deaths than any other country except Bangladeshand has earned the Kosi the epithet “The Sorrow of Bihar”. On 18 Augustheavy monsoon rains and poor maintenance caused a breach in the Kosi embankment.

2008 Bihar flood

fase The river changed course and flooded areas which had not been flooded in many decades. Indian Air Force helicopters dropped relief supplies in the worst-hit districts. Araria Katihar Kishanganj Purnia.

However, empirical measurements of the river’s sediment load have yielded estimates of million cubic meters annually, [7] indicating that the area is rising. The Bihar flood was one of the most disastrous floods in the history of Biharan impoverished and densely populated state in India.


The purpose of this paper is to highlight the severity of flood impacts on development of state and to discuss the possible flood management measures in context of Bihar.

Bahadurganj Thakurganj Kishanganj Kochadhaman. This process eventually raises a channel above case study flood bihar 2008 flood terrain. Satellite image of flood waters in Bihar as of 31 August ; Image: In cases where beneficiaries do not own land, the Government of Bihar will provide additional assistance of Rs.

Nirmali Pipra Supaul Triveniganj Case study flood bihar 2008. Retrieved 26 August Retrieved 28 February On 18 August one of the man-made embankments failed.

Bihar flood – Wikipedia

However, in Nepal these are mostly in the 2080 stages. Fax messages case study flood bihar 2008 by engineers at the Kosi dam warning the state government of the impending disaster went unheeded as the official authorised to respond was on leave. So, there is a need to minimize negative consequences and ill effects of flooding by means of flood management. After signing an agreement with the World Bank in Januarythis programme has been upscaled to coverfamilies for reconstruction of hazard safe houses.


Views Read Edit Biahr history. Floods are most recurring and frequent natural hazard in India causing enormous loss to life bhiar livelihood, and damage to infrastructure. Retrieved 28 October This creates a cone-shaped alluvial fan. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The flood submerged most of the Kosi alluvial fan area, which is very fertile, with a dense case study flood bihar 2008 population.

Flood waters naturally spread out over the surface of this cone.