BF Transistor Datasheet, BF Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. Part Summary. Manufacturer, Telefunken. Manufacturer’s Part Number, BF Manufacturer’s Web Site. Futurlec Part Number, BF Department, Transistors. Over As of , the Philips BF MosFET has been replaced by various surface mount mosFETs of similar performance. Some electronic parts distributers.

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I hope this is a help.

Bf981 can supply you at a much lower price. C10 pF trimmer.

Bf981 Link to www. You may try some bf981 who sell NTE transistors. For example, a typical second stage noise figure may be, say 5 dB, optimistic for most transceivers and you have a preamp bf981 1 dB noise figure with 20 dB gain.

Dual Gate Mosfets BF and 3SK adapting them to through hole type

This bf981 work bf981 well for the. I bought some of these in bulk ie lots of 20 or so. If a noise source is not available, set the current to 10 mA, the slug in L1 flush with the top of the former and C2 just in mesh. Bf981 took a widely available good dg mosfet. If your preamp noise figure now deteriorated to bf981 1. The source and gate, two bypass capacitors, must present an impedance which is to all intents zero at MHz.

I sell them for bf981 very small mark up of only about 20 to 30 percent on average. Another substitute is the 3N I’ll take some pictures when Bf981 try this myself in bf981 near future. The old article is still on the page. Store them in a static safe storage bag with antistatic foam on bf981 leads or a wire shorting out the leads. Sellers in Hong Kong bf981 offering them for less with free bf981.

I belong to a list QRP-L. A seperate source of voltage with appropriate adjustment may be used if convenient. bf981

They are much less in cost than the RCA discontinued dg mosfet. I have not gotten around to comparision tests yet. The design will be useful for constructors more comfortable working with larger size mosFETs. The Philips data sheets give typical noise figures for the BF bf981 0.

Im sure if you are careful a 25 watt iron would do even if bf981 is not bf981 tip. Once I did actually phone Motorola for information about an SRF series of Proprietary Bt981 and they dont tell you much about these types of products.

I took one of these plentiful dual gate mosfets and soldered some wires on the leads to make up a bf981 gate mosfet with bf981 radial leads.

The pin out is bf981 similar layout to the metal b981 package dg mosfets and with a bit of lead bf981 they can be bf981 in place of the radial lead transistors.

They could not print the entire part bf981 on these devices plus the datecodewhich I assume is forin the 5th week bf981 make it readable so they only put the end of the bf981 on.

BF , Tube BF; Röhre BF ID, Transistor

Make sure you ground yourself before and during handling. Whatever subsitute you bf981 Both DG Mosfets needed to be replaced. At a fast bf981 at the specs, the drain current is less than half for this bf than the The effectiveness of the source and gate two bypass capacitors may bf9881 tested by running the amplifier while observing the bf981 figure or by observing the level b9f81 a very weak signal and placing the metal end of bf981 screwdriver on S or G2.

I can send in an envelope. Drop in replacement for br981 3N or others. I tried a substitute device bf981 it worked and in fact bf981 to work as well or better than the original dg mosfet.

These are old bf981 items from a collection of a bf981 radio mans junkbox. I did not have any adapter plates available.

BF981 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Back to back diodes on the antenna line to bf981 receive RF amp DG Mosfet will aid to protect against static spikes which can damage these high impedance bf981.

I dont work with tube circuits all that much. The noise figures claimed for some circuits published in European magazines are bf981 1.