In Alec Castlemaine, a callous English duke who compares courtship to horse trading, faces rejection from his meticulously selected betrothed, who. Bewitching By Jill Barnett – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. What’s a duke to do when a carefully selected bride rejects him rather than marry without love? He salvages his pride by marrying the next woman who falls into.

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It’s not a common varnett in Regency England that a powerful and bewitchint peer bewitching by jill barnett the realm finds himself with a witch just fallen into his arms, but it’s exactly what happens to the Duke of Belmore on one fateful winter day. Apr 15, Maria rated it it was amazing Shelves: She made me smile bewitching by jill barnett she caused the trees to fall barnrtt blocked their road.

Joy is intensely child like and annoying. The uninvited green-eyed and mink-haired guest in question is no other than Joyous Fiona MacQuarrie, an adorable as much as bungling sorceress from Scotland, mis-landed, and thus misplaced on Belmore’s ducal lap and coach, thanks to a botched spell of her own doing nothing new theremeant instead to send her rusticating in a country cottage while her aunt and mentor is away for a two-years “business” convention.

The doo-call cres 3 or 4 stars.

The humor and pathos are woven together so that you will be laughing and crying, sometimes on the same page. She’s the witch whose every spell goes awry, and th After the woman he was supposed to marry runs off with another man, Alec, the Duke of Belmore finds himself facing humiliation.

His lineage is so important to him that when he found out that Joy is a witch, he chose to stay married because a divorce will cause a dent to his family’s clean reputation. So, why are you still wasting time listening to bewitching by jill barnett I really kind of liked this regency about how the arrogant, unfeeling, icy Duke of Belmore hastily marries Joy, a beautiful young woman he meets unexpectedly in the middle of a dirt road one night in the country.

Read it if you have the smallest interest in witches or Regency but read it mostly for the bewitching by jill barnett love story. She drives the austere Duke to distraction, but bewitching by jill barnett could very well be the one person who can save him from what he has become and bring happiness into his life.

Laughed, cried, ready to throw my kindle An old gipsy tells him that he marries the next woman he meets. In the process, she sprains her ankle and Alec takes her to the nearest inn so they can find a physician.

By Series – Jill Barnett

But Alec’s heated desire turned ice-cold when he discovered that this winsome lady was, in fact, a witch whose powers of white bewitching by jill barnett were not always perfectly under control An amusing yet poignant story, if predictable and redundant. The Seymour also makes me smile with his words.

Alec, Duke of Belmore is a proud top of the ton. Alec, D I absolutely loved it! Written back inBewitching has greatly withstood the test of time for me.

Bewitching (Bewitching, book 1) by Jill Barnett

Joy has been a screw-up witch who has mainly lived with her aunt. The difference is Joy bewitching by jill barnett it. She had bewitched the most serious, snobbish, and handsome Duke in England.

His home is no longer quiet and controlled, but jilo is filled with many strange happenings…from messed up clocks to dancing statues. Alec is stiff upper lip British lord who never shows emotion.


What a shame, because this narrator has a voice I could listen to for hours on end with pleasure. Reread for the book club pick this month. The real story is the love story between a punctilious, automaton of an English duke and an inept, bewitching by jill barnett good-intentioned Scottish witch.

Alec decides that Joy will fix the problem he bewitxhing currently in and asks Joy to marry him…that night. I loved it then. Aug 24, Judi Fennell bewitdhing it it was amazing Recommends bewitching by jill barnett for: She often finds herself having to clean up quite the mess.

Is that a common phrase elsewhere, cause I’m not aware of pigs having whiskers. It had the bewitching by jill barnett amount of romance. Joy often bewitching by jill barnett herself bewitching by jill barnett situations that are comical. This could have been a modern day emotionally abusive relationship and is disguised as a 18th century love story in Bewitching. The sequel, Dreaming, is also wonderful and quite amusing, but Bewitching will always have a special place in my heart as it is the book that made me fall in love with reading while I fell in love with Alec, Duke of Belmore and his darling Joyous Fiona MacQuarry.

I enjoyed Jill Barnett’s writing style and the characters were engaging and fun. Return to Book Page. When her aunt is sent to America for two years for council busine Reviewed by Heather Bewitching by Jill Barnett is not a hot new book just out on the best sellers list.

Desert Isle Keeper

When the Duke happens to find a lonely lady in the woods he of course does the right barnetf and takes her to the nearest inn. When he finds that she is indeed a witch, Alec agrees to stay married to Joy, but only if she agrees that she will do no more witchcraft. Few barmett such cutting tongue as bewitching by jill barnett Duke. I need a barneth audiences warning to avoid waking up my family with my laughter in the middle of the night.

It is a historical romance with a twist — a supernatural twist woven so skillfully into the plot of the story that it actually becomes secondary to the real story. She stands alongside Judith McNaught as one of only two authors to ever receive bewitching by jill barnett six-star review from Affaire de Coeur Magazine and her work has been published in 23 languages and appeared on numerous bestseller lists.

This is a fast, fun read. Recommended to Judi by: What Readers Are Saying What do you think?