Agon the mysterious codex

Go back to the organ inside the shed. Hunt attempted to prove his innocence, and recover the lost sword to play Francisco Candelas at Alquerque. Be sure to flip through the pages to read all four pages. Fill your "bowl" with some of that "steamed rice. Now pan the camera around to your left to find a large tree with some wooden planks attached to serve as steps.

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AGON: The Mysterious Codex - Walkthrough

Now pan the camera around to your left to find a large tree with some wooden planks attached to serve as steps. Step forward, turn left and click on the door to knock. One might wonder, of course, what if the game doesn't do well and the remaining episodes never materialize. Click on the map. But you need to wait for him to be completely out before you can do anything sneaky. Step out of the shed and to your right, and you will see "Kaira.

AGON: The Mysterious Codex Review | Adventure Gamers

Note also that this is the only move I have recommended that will require you to choose which enemy piece should be removed from the board.

Finally, look at the " E " in the right-most section of the diagram, under Roman Number IIIand find that it requires a horizontal setting of 20 and a vertical setting of 20 also.

Feel free to leaf through the book in the front but it is ccodex one in the back, almost hidden in the right corner under the hammock, which we really need. You are automatically brought out of the close up. Bring out the board game from your inventory and give it to the Chief.

Step mystreious of the close up and go down to the second level of the tree house. The one in the center moves horizontallyfrom left to right, and can be set at 10, 20 or Now turn it to the right once.

There is an unmoved two-lined brick on the fourth row from the bottom.

AGON - Wikipedia

Turn the wheel to the left until it cannot be turned any more. The following entries can be found on the last pages of the inventory report: Now turn slightly to your right and step forward to enter the forest.

Look closely at this drawing.

The shaft is still in your hands. So set the left-most lever to II, the middle lever to 20, and the right-most lever to Click on the valve in the pipe in front of you.

Turn left and step over to the window in front of you. Interface and other technical features are flawless and couldn't be better.

You would just have to go UP to do so. The text following the letters in the book, although hard to read, is actually irrelevant to our quest.

Step forward into the forest.

AGON: The Mysterious Codex

Click on the arrow in that spot to move forward. But don't doze off altogether or you will miss what is obviously meant to serve as a prelude to the first episode "The Lost Sword of Toledo" in the next installment of AGON that the developers have promised.

In order to introduce the series to those who might be unaware of it, as well as entice those who avoid digital distribution and tide over existing fans, Private Moon has released the first three games in a bundled collection called AGON: But the story line is quite intriguing, and the two board games are very challenging as well as a lot of fun.

Keep going forward to the right of the boat this timeand go to the other end of the beach. Approach this door, close up on the keyhole and note the key in there. Samuel will return the key and give the guard the bottle of whiskey. Mixed or average reviews - based on 13 Critics What's this?

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