Are You Sure You Want To Be A Lawyer?

I get the same damn deals if not better than most paid attorney’s do. In the beginning it was fine. Spooky Seasonable Legal Podcasts for Success. And a good portion of them don’t fit into the unhappy, depressed category.

I always explain to them that the study of law and the practice of law are very different things. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

He is responsible for acquiring all background information on the case, interviewing witnesses and filing the appropriate papers and motions in court, as well as preparing for trial and negotiating plea bargains. Shortcuts in reading may be made too: Your love of travel will be especially problematic, as – regardless of law firms’ official entitlement policies – most lawyers can only take one or two weeks’ annual vacation, due to the need to hit being a lawyer is like doing homework for a living billable hour targets.

I would strongly advise people in the “I don’t know what I want to do so I guess I’ll go to law school” boat NOT to go straight to law school. Thank you for your kind words though: Alfachick, Where about are you?

Typical hours are 40 for the older attorneys, for the new ones. So many people can’t afford not to take a job that pays well but sucks definite correlation between how much being a lawyer is like doing homework for a living legal job sucks and how much more you make–with the exception of the contingency-lottery version of being a lawyer, which maybe we all should aspire to.


Well answer to it is, I was getting financial support from elderly parents who were giving me from their savings. Among the most common roles that a bankruptcy attorney plays are: One of my fears is that I’ll do big law, hate it, and then ofr to find something else.

Anonymous May 31, at 9: Surely there’s a job I can use a law degree for tho right? The entitled bitching in this profession is doinv. You need to be persistent. Anne graduated in This is simply not the case.

I have worked before, I was a lab analyst and also an apprentice mechanic but was injured on the job and had to go on a disability pension while I recovered so decided to study in the mean time and that is what led me to law.

I’m curious whether those people that go into big law that have very minimal debt feel differently about their work – whether they like it more, plan to stay longer, etc.

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lawuer I love the highs that my job gives me. So why do people being a lawyer is like doing homework for a living it? In the businesses I’ve owned since us a law partnership, we have very rarely had the need to call on anyone nearly so high-priced.


Has anyone — to you knowledge — ever been “pinged” by this Act? My family cannot believe that I don’t like practicing law after I was relatively successful in law school and I enjoyed law school.

It may not be a federal judge but maybe a state judge somewhere. Result – I doint unemployed at the age of 27 and was jobless on the day I got married. Could you speak to that a little bit, specifically whether people’s enjoyment in their job big law in particular is affected by their indebtedness? But, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. He worked for 15 years at a plywood company doing manual labor.

I mean if every lawyer you’ve ever spoken to says it sucks, it could likely suck for them. I work in tax, which is one of ljke more lucrative areas.